Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven -- Vintage Postcards

One of my high school teachers was getting rid of some old Arizona postcards and thought I would like them and he was right. I still have those postcards from around 1918 and love the messages, old photos of Arizona and the stamps. Several of them mention the terrible flu epidemic that killed millions worldwide. Others are a reminder that there used to be twice daily mail delivery and that a postcard mailed in the morning in one part of the city would be delivered in the afternoon to another part of the city. Many are just simple notes saying "I will see you this afternoon". And we thought e-mail was quick.

Those postcards were the start of a love for vintage postcards, not just old Arizona postcards. I branched out to embrace holiday cards but am fascinated with almost any subject. I've used the scanned graphics in all types of projects but mostly love the history of the pieces and the reminder of by-gone eras.

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