Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine -- Family Road Trips

Just a quick update while I'm thinking of this. Family road trips are among my favorite things. A vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest, accompanied by mother, who sees that the others get it. ~ Marcelene Cox~

So true, but I still love the time away with my family. I can always relax at home.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Twenty-Eight -- Vacation

I love vacations even if I always need a vacation after a vacation and I doubt my upcoming vacation will be any different. I will be checking in and out of here when I can while I am gone but won't resume here except sporadically until after Labor Day. 100 things in 100 days will have to be 100 things in 100 days plus one month ;-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven -- Vintage Postcards

One of my high school teachers was getting rid of some old Arizona postcards and thought I would like them and he was right. I still have those postcards from around 1918 and love the messages, old photos of Arizona and the stamps. Several of them mention the terrible flu epidemic that killed millions worldwide. Others are a reminder that there used to be twice daily mail delivery and that a postcard mailed in the morning in one part of the city would be delivered in the afternoon to another part of the city. Many are just simple notes saying "I will see you this afternoon". And we thought e-mail was quick.

Those postcards were the start of a love for vintage postcards, not just old Arizona postcards. I branched out to embrace holiday cards but am fascinated with almost any subject. I've used the scanned graphics in all types of projects but mostly love the history of the pieces and the reminder of by-gone eras.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Twenty-Six -- Fortune cookies

My ideas are failing me today so I decided to write about something very simple, fortune cookies. My son describes them as sweet and dimply. Fortune cookies, the treat with a surprise, almost like a small treasure waiting to be found.

I really am not into the taste, it's OK, nothing great, so I usually just break the cookie and read the fortune. I've had many fortune cookies throughout the years but my best fortune was before I took the state boards for nursing. My friend and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park and my fortune said "you will pass a difficult test that will make you happier and financially better". It came true within the month and turned me from a simple fortune cookie fan into a fortune cookie believer.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Twenty-Five -- Saying Yes instead of No

Sometimes my immediate instinct to an idea is to say "no". I think as we get older we get set in our ways and it's a good idea to try to say "yes" to new ideas that are offered rather than an immediate "no".

For instance, my mother-in-law went para-sailing on a cruise a few years back. She was in her late 70's. She talks about it to this day and I admire her for doing that as I know my immediate instinct would have been to say "no".

I don't think that we should say yes to every crazy idea someone offers us, I always say "no" to telephone solicitors or ideas too big for my purse strings but simple and fun things shouldn't be put on the back burner for "another time" or "not now, maybe later". There might not be a later.

So I'm becoming a fan or saying "yes" and want to say thank-you to my friend Nancy for the idea :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Twenty-Four -- Hospice

I'm not certain my title for this post is correct. It might be more aptly titled Death and Dying.

Either way, I have had death on my mind for a number of years now. I lost both parents and a good friend in the past four years and am currently visiting as frequently as possible one of my best friends who has a terminal illness. It's not easy and it is incredibly sad but at the same time I feel very privileged to be part of her life before death. She knows the score and her grace in such a terrible situation humbles me. And despite her dire circumstances, there aren't many people in the world that I enjoy as much as her. I will miss her and I will grieve. I never would have thought anything like this would happen to such a wonderful person. And yet I'm being taught something every time I visit her and every time I talk with her. I am gaining something from this horrible time by sharing it with her.

My conclusion is simple, I have an interest in working with terminally ill people. Maybe this is pointing me in a direction I need to go. Hospice work? I don't know. Whatever this tragedy is showing me, it has not yet completely formulated in my mind. I'll know at some point, but all I know for certain is death does not scare me and helping people who are terminally ill is something that I would feel honored to do.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Twenty-Three -- Books and Cathedrals

I love books, always have, always will. If I had to choose my favorite fiction book it would be Ken Follett's, The Pillars of the Earth. I've read it three times and each time I give it away to someone so they can also enjoy it. Then I end up buying another copy and re-reading it. It is an historical novel about the building of a fictional cathedral in 12th century England.
That book led me to another fascination which is cathedrals. Not just cathedrals but medieval cathedrals. I love looking at them though the only famous one I have visited is Notre Dame in Paris.
My husband and I sat outside in a cafe about 50 ft away drinking Cokes at a small table. We just sat and stared at the building, awestruck at its immensity and age. Pilgrims came there to pray before leaving for the Crusades, huge masses of humanity have moved through that cathedral and important historical events have occurred there or nearby. It's inspiring to realize that the cathedral has stood so long even as times have changed tremendously. I had just read the book for the second time in preparation for our visit, something I would recommend to anyone about to visit any cathedral. The huge undertaking of building a cathedral coupled with the political intrigue of the times was still fresh in my mind and made the visit not just an ordinary stop on a typical Paris tour but instead made the visit come alive for me.

My son is reading the book now and I'll probably re-read it again when he is done ;-)