Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day Four -- Polka Dots

I think I'm in a polka dot phase at the moment because I'm noticing them everywhere. Maybe I'm looking for cheerful images in a world full of 24 hour news channels with constant scenes of death, destruction and that continual flow of oil. There seems to be nothing I can do about any of it and it's so depressing.

I was watching an old Doris Day movie last night and admiring her outfit, a white suit with a light brown and white polka dot blouse underneath the jacket. 1965, a simpler time. I couldn't help but compare that simpler time with our current world climate and 2010 has been found wanting, at least in my mind.

Polka dots seem happy and comforting at the same time. Polka dots remind me of children, childhood, happy times, little girl dresses with lots of petticoats, parties and laughter. They are the comfort food of graphic design.

The world seems to be a better place with polka dots.. Most likely I watch too much news where everyday seems to bring a new horror but if there are polka dots in the world, then the world must still have plenty of good in it. Right? Things can't possibly be going to hell in a polka dot hand-basket. The two just don't mix.

I bought some polka dot bowls last month. I saw my husband eating a salad from one the other day and it just didn't look right so I made a new rule. The rule is we can only eat happy food from the polka dot bowls. Only ice cream with sprinkles or something equally as unhealthy yet cute and tasty. He rolled his eyes and the thought "empty nest" or "mid-life crisis" probably flitted through his brain. He will no doubt sneak some healthy food into those bowls when our other more conservative dishes are dirty but for now I feel like I have a tiny piece of goodness in my home despite that harsh world out there that I can't control.


  1. Hey Deborah, how 'bout a piece of that chocolate cake with ice cream in those precious bowls? LOL

  2. Hey Norma! I miss you! I think that is a wonderful idea, just gotta get off my lazy butt and do some baking soon.